-Spend your energy on something that matters to you.



We all have them.

Some things are more important at some times than at other times.

And that’s OK.

When you’re a parent you prioritise your child’s comfort over your own sleep.

When you’re unwell you prioritise returning to health over weekend parties.

When you’re busy at work doing long hours you prioritise doing activities you really enjoy in your spare time over doing ‘chores’.

And that doesn’t make you a bad person.

It makes you normal, healthy, human.

And this is why all those AWFUL ‘what’s your excuse’ pictures on social media make me angry.

Choosing to prioritise something important to you is nothing to feel guilty over – and if your most important priority right now will not help you towards the arbitrary goal of being ‘jacked and tanned’, well so be it.

Just because someone else prioritises a particular type of nutritional or training regime over other parts of their life DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD FEEL GUILTY IF YOU DON’T.

If you are that busy, hardworking person who is running on fumes because the sleep deficit is massive and you haven’t had time to sit down and eat properly yet, and yet you still managed to drag yourself to the gym and do something just for yourself this week, YOU SHOULD BE GIVING YOURSELF A MASSIVE *HI 5*, not feeling guilty because you didn’t live up to someone else’s lame “motivational” picture.

Of course the equal and opposite side of this is that if you have chosen to prioritise taking more care with your food choices and training, there should be no guilt because you didn’t join your mates in their traditional bi-weekly celebration of all things pizza.

Positivity breeds success. Celebrating the wins breeds positivity. Allowing yourself to feel good about the things you do instead of guilty about the things you don’t do breeds the celebration.

Feel good about your choices, feel good about what you choose to prioritise 🙂


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