Fusion Trainers

margs fusionMARGS

Margs is a personal trainer and a strength coach, with a particular love for program design and problem solving.  Margs founded FusionFpt as a platform to provide ongoing education, up skilling, and support to personal trainers, and in addition to the one on one and small group training sessions she provides, she continues to work within the fitness industry to train trainers.  To read more about Margs and how to work with her, click here.  http://wp.me/P64HWI-1

lou 2


Lou is a personal trainer whose talent for motivation and inspiring her clients ensures that they reach their potential in every single session.  Lou is passionate about her own ongoing education as she wants to bring the best, most recent information to her clients so that they are successful with achieving their goals and that they are happy while they do so.  To read more about Lou and how to work with her, click here.   http://wp.me/P64HWI-2l


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