imageIt’s all here – the love, the hate, and everything in between.  I definitely work best with people who are looking for the next level with their programs.

image“Training with Margs has been eye-opening.  For the most part, as a trainer, it’s opened my eyes to an endless number of ways to achieve a goal, and that the body works best when conditioned.  A strength athlete can benefit from a conditioning-based program magnitudes more than I thought, this is one of many things I have learnt and applied.  The training itself is hard but incredibly rewarding.  I can’t see anyone giving it a good chance and not enjoying it.  The results are a bonus to the way it makes you feel.  The programming is always well designed and truly goal specific if even you don’t understand why or how ;)”

Matt K. – Personal Trainer and Strength Athlete.


image“Training with Margs definitely was an era that paved the way to a new understanding/standard of training.  She adapted and varied the programs to suit my erratic needs, set challenges and tasks that were hard but achievable, and under the bar, with her ominous yet comforting (for lack of a better word) presence is where I learnt alot of good lessons and ultimately became a better person.”

Vini R.  – Personal Trainer


image“Margs’ programs are well-assembled, individualised, and at times are a real test of character (soul crushing) – and I am thankful of that 😉  I’ve learnt not to take what’s written on the paper for granted, it’s always tougher than it looks, and regardless of how I’m feeling both physically and mentally before a session, I trust her to work with that and adapt my sessions to suit.”

Tray E.  – Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor


image“A big thank you to Margs!  After ongoing shoulder problems for months I started working with her and I am now able to lift good weights again and feel strong again.  Training with Margs every week has helped me heaps.  I highly recommend Margs if you want results.  She is awesome.”

Cheryl D. – Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


“I’ve worked with three different trainers before I met Margs, and she is by far the best. I will not lie, her workouts are grueling and I am always glad when I reach the end. But she keeps them interesting, structured, and systematic. Margs is many things: knowledgeable, responsive, supportive; one word that does not immediately spring to mind is “sweet” — yet she hits the perfect sweet spot between being tough and being kind. She will push hard when appropriate, and yet will work with you and perhaps ease up, just a tad, when you need it. I’ve made greater progress in strength and size than I imagined possible in this timeframe, and credit Margs with providing me with the workouts and guidance to reach and surpass my goals.”

Larry H.  – Online Training Client and Proud New Owner of Big Muscles


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