What Grinds My Gears


I’m Margs, I’ve been a personal trainer and a strength coach for over 7 years now, and I’m about to vent…

Why is it that the fitness industry has built itself up on telling you that you suck?

Head over to any number of ‘fitspo’ (oh how I hate that word) pages and you’ll see straight away what I mean.

These pages want you to believe that you suck if:

  • You aren’t lean enough
  • You aren’t muscular enough
  • You aren’t rocking a 6 pack 24/7/365
  • You aren’t up before the rest of the civilised world doing some sort of fasted cardio
  • You aren’t giving up your favourite foods
  • You aren’t putting your training regime before your real life responsibilities
  • And don’t even get me started on the whole ‘no excuses’ bullsh*t!!

Could it be that they are just planting problems that don’t even exist into your head so that you can buy their ‘solution’??

I have had enough of all the blaming and shaming that I have seen from personal trainers in this industry.  Blaming you because you didn’t diet right or train right.  Shaming you because you didn’t fit into their model of a perfect client.

I have had enough of all the ridiculous pressure that is created to look a certain way just to sell some product.  Let’s be honest, unless you are competing or doing professional photo shoots the quest for abnormally low body fat percentages is all about someone else making money, it is not about your health.

I have had enough of hearing person after person come to me and tell me they’re over it, they don’t want to do yet another diet, lose weight only to put it back on again, over feeling like they have tried everything and should just give up.

I have had enough of the underhanded way these ‘fitspo’ people use your fears and insecurities to make you feel even worse about yourself so that you will spend money hiring them to make you feel better …if you do things their way…

So let’s call enough on this nonsense.

Let’s be the people that say it’s actually OK to train and eat well simply because training and eating well makes us feel good.

Let’s be the people that get excited about being strong, physically and mentally, and to f*ck with whether or not the scales went up or down by 500g this week.

Let’s be the people that we wish we were …if we hadn’t let our fears about our bodies hold us back…

Imagine it:

  • Confident
  • Happy
  • Strong

Our Fusion Community is something that I have set up to give a whole lot of “HELL YES” to anyone who feels like I do.  Screw feeling like crap because you aren’t like some digitally manipulated fitness model who spent the last few weeks crash dieting for a photo shoot.

It is totally free to join and be a member of, and always will be.

I update weekly (sometimes more) including training tips, answering member questions, and myth-bust ridiculous diet advice.

Most of all I tell you that it’s OK to love yourself, and that it’s amazing to do good things for yourself, such as train and eat well, because you’re worth it.

If this is what you have been looking for – you are not alone.  Our numbers are growing every day.

If you feel what I feel, join us.  Send me an email telling me you want in and I will reply with a link to our closed Facebook community.  There is no ‘auto response’ to your email – I will answer it personally.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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