– …but it’s easy for you, you’re a trainer…


That statement is such a cop out.

I hear it sometimes, from people who don’t want to eat more vegetables, or drink more water, or come to the gym more than once a week.  Or once a fortnight.

They are talking to me because they want to change something about themselves, their body shape, their strength, their fitness levels, their self-confidence.  But change is hard because it requires changes in basic daily habits to be made.  And faced with how difficult change can be, it is easy for you to go on the defensive and think that it is easier for someone else, that they don’t understand your individual situation and how hard it is for you, that somehow you creating change in your life is SO much more of a task than anyone else who has ever had to create change in their life ever…

Maybe it is – we all face unique situations in our work life and in our personal lives that we have to manage and prioritise, and the simple fact is that if we want to change something about ourselves then we do have to make changes in the way we do things at home and at work.

Rather than look at someone else’s situation and think how easy they have it, it is so much more productive and successful to look at your own situation and decide how to go about implementing small changes in your routines, swapping unhelpful behaviours for helpful ones.  An example of this may be setting your morning alarm to go off 15 min earlier so that you are less stressed in the mornings as you get ready to get to work on time.  Less stress in your life leads to better digestive health, better sleep, and a better body composition, so while doing this one thing seems like a little thing, an insignificant thing, little changes like this all add up.


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