About Margs


Hi, I’m Margs, I’m a personal trainer, and I have a deep and abiding love of picking up heavy things and putting them down again.

I have been working as a personal trainer, a strength coach, and a nutritional advisor in Perth, Western Australia, for over 7 years now – originally from New Zealand, the shift has been a challenging and extremely rewarding one.

I have been engaged by business people, personal trainers, athletes, group fitness instructors, and hard working people to develop and implement training programs for them that work for their goals and fit into their lives.  I work best with driven people who understand the need for time-efficient and effective training to keep the body strong and the mind sharp.

I do not love excuses.  I do love seeing people implement small and consistent changes to their habits, and then reaping the rewards of their efforts.  I also love a good challenge – the photo above was taken during a ‘Leg Press Challenge’ where each rep completed raised money for my nominated charity (SABBR – a non-funded, volunteer-run dog rescue).  I did 1200 reps….

I also love solving problems, particularly when it comes to training.  Are you struggling with a training frustration right now?  Email me – let’s see if I can help.

To read more about my experience and specialities, scroll down 🙂

Margs has had a special interest in using strength training to rehabilitate injury since discovering how much more manageable her own injuries from a motorcycle accident were when weight training.

In fact her decision to become a strength coach was driven by her desire to have more tools at her disposal to be able to work with people who had been told their injuries were going to limit their ability to exercise.  Feeling underwhelmed by her own progress with traditional physiotherapy, Margs began researching and doing courses with people who were less interested in ‘doing ok’ and more interested in reclaiming their athletic ability.  This led her to semi-private internships and one on one training with powerlifters, crossfit athletes, strength coaches, functional trainers, and body builders, many of whom themselves had suffered ‘career-ending’ injuries and who had not let their injuries end their careers.

Margs did not have a particularly sporty background.  She discovered at an early age that she lacked the necessary hand-eye coordination to be good at ball sports, the flexibility for gymnastics, and any desire what-so-ever to run.  A whole new amazing world opened up to her when she discovered the gym.  Discovering BodyCombat in the group fitness room of Les Mills Dunedin set her searching for more ways to train.  She quickly found boxing and Goju Ryu karate.  A short stint with a personal trainer set the wheels in motion for Margs to become a personal trainer herself, and she has since continued to seek out personal trainers whose skills and knowledge she greatly admires to both train her and help her continue her practical education.

Margs brings an eye for detail and a love for simple things done exceptionally well to every session.  She works to bring relevant information to each individual, that is able to be easily understood and used.  Margs also continues to work towards lifting the standard of the personal training industry by working closely with up and coming trainers, providing technical information and support.


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