– A Brave New World


No new venture in the fitness world would be complete without a bathroom selfie.

Hello, and thank you for joining me.

It occurred to me as I was writing a post for my facebook page that I had a lot to share about the subject – far too much for a facebook post – so it was about time I spread my wings a little into a format better designed to handle the meandering and sometimes quite random thoughts that I have.

So a quick google search of how a non-tech like me can make this happen, and here we are.

I am a personal trainer.  There are a lot of other flash titles I could give myself, I have a fist full of attractive-looking certificates, and shelves filled with notes from various courses, internships, and bootcamps I have done over the years.  But honestly, I am a personal trainer.

I work with you.  Your goals, your frustrations, your wins – they matter to me.

I intend to use these posts to provide missing links to your progress, and welcome constructive interaction, questions, requests – after all I can’t tell you what you most importantly need to know if I don’t know what’s got you stumped.

So a little bit about me, to give you an idea of who is on the other side of the keyboard.

My name is Margs.  The ‘g’ is hard.  Just like my heart 😉

I lift heavy things up and then put them down again.  I eat a lot of broccoli.  A lot.  I believe in doing simple things very well to get an exceptional result.  I have a one-sided relationship with coffee.  I am a certified BodyCombat instructor. I help you to find solutions that work.

One last thing, I think at 1000 miles an hour – so if you notice the odd tangent here and there, try to keep up.  A point will be coming.  Eventually.


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