– Could YOU Answer This Question?

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If you are considering engaging a personal trainer, and even more, if you are considering becoming a personal trainer, please read this.

What do you think a personal trainer does?

I asked this question on my facebook page, and I got some great answers – all from people who currently have a personal trainer or have used the services of one at some point.
There was no answer from anyone who has never had a trainer…

And we wouldn’t expect there to be, right? I mean, if you have never had a personal trainer how could you be expected to know what a personal trainer does?
By what you see on TV?  (genuinely awful).

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– SELF-RESPONSIBILITY – so hot right now.


Did you ever get an early morning txt that made you wonder what the f*ck the sender was thinking?

That happened to me this morning.

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– If you want it, it’s worth the effort.


How hard are you prepared to work for what you want?

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How many different variations of squats do you know?

One of my favourite things is helping people to feel successful in the gym, to feel like it is actually possible to get stronger, fitter, change the composition of their body.  Success breeds confidence.  And confidence breeds success.Continue reading “– DIFFERENT DOES NOT MEAN WRONG.”