– If you want it, it’s worth the effort.


How hard are you prepared to work for what you want?

Today is a public holiday here in Perth, and my Facebook newsfeed is littered with the stories of what people are doing with their day off.  It is a great day here, warm, sunny.  And I’m at work.

And I’m not sad about that.  I’m not jealous of those people getting a day out to lie on the beach… well maybe a little… 🙂

My point is that I have got some big things that I want to make happen this year, and I am prepared to put the work in to make sure they happen.  And I don’t feel like I’m ‘missing out’ because I didn’t get a day off today, I feel like I’m doing what I need to do to move closer to my goal.

Think of it this way.

Take a moment to think of one thing that you want to happen more than anything else.  What is it?  Do you want to pass an exam?  Nail a work project?  Give up smoking?  Prepare for a fitness event?  Change the shape of your body?

Whatever it is, there are three different ways you can proceed.

1.  Do nothing.  You can decide you want something to happen, but then just sit around and wait for a delicate combination of magic and the vibrations of the earth to do all the work for you.  Your chances of success with this method are low.  Very very low.

2.  Do something.  You can set your sights on your goal and then do some of the things you need to do to achieve it some of the time.  In technical terms this is called ‘half-arsing’ it – and making a half-arsed effort will get you a half-arsed result.

3.  Do everything.  You can do everything you need to do to reach your goal all of the time.  And if you really want it – really REALLY want it – this won’t seem like a chore.  And you will get what you want.

The Internet is filled with people preaching to you about how to make things ‘easier’ for yourself.  Telling a tale about how things should come quickly, and the least effort applied to the task the better.

I strongly disagree.  I don’t advocate making things unnecessarily hard for yourself just for the sake of it, but honestly, don’t settle for average results when putting in some extra time and effort to make a good thing great will make you far happier in the long run.

It is not a case of working smarter instead of harder.

It is a case of working smarter AND harder.

After all, that bar won’t lift itself…. And that broccoli isn’t going to eat itself either 😉


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